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Gun Safes & Vaults Made in America

Made in the USA gun safes, safety shelters, vault doorsAre you looking for a safe or vault door manufactured in the USA? Vault Pro is an American manufacturer of gun safes & vaults that protect your guns and valuables against burglary, theft and fire. Please click the links below for more information about our safe models. Don't see what you are looking for? We specialize in custom high quality safes. Need a special configuration? Call to talk with one of our Vault Pro's about your specific requirements and a free quote: 800-299-6929.

Click images below to select a safe model for more information.

Warrior gun safe
Click for safesWarrior Safes
60" H x 25" W x 25" D
8-10 Long Guns
Huntsman model gun safe
Click for safesHuntsman Safes
60" H x 30" W x 28" D
14 to 28 long guns
Huntsman II model gun safe
Click for safesHuntsman Safes
72" H x 30" W x 28" D
14 to 28 long guns
Marksman gun safe
Click for safesMarksman Safes
60" H x 40" W x 28" D
28 to 35 long guns
Marksman II gun safe
Click for safesMarksman Safes
Marksman II
72" H x 40" W x 28" D
28 to 35 long guns

Superior Protection Against Loss due to Theft, Burglary or Fire.
Select from Our Many Preconfigured Models or Call Us About Custom Safes.

Titan gun safe
Click for safesTitan Series Safes
72" H x 50" W x 28" D
35 to 42 long guns
Double Wide Double Door Large Gun Safe
Click for safesSingle, Double and Triple Door Safes
72" H x 60" W x 30" D
42 to 100 long gun capacity
Custom gun safes
Click for safesCustom Safes
Custom Interior Design Configurations
Custom Paint and Graphics Available


All Our Safes are Made in America

Small gun safe The Warrior by Vault ProAll Vault Pro USA gun safes for sale are made in the USA and feature top quality materials and finishes. Our American made safes come with a substantial list of standard features and can be customized to meet any specific customer requirements. Please read through our model information then call us toll free to talk with one of our security experts at: (800) 299-6929.


  • Hand Cut & Custom Fit Step System Door
  • Dual Palusol® Gaskets
  • 10 Gauge Steel Body
  • Bent Body Construction
  • Continuous Welded Seams
  • American Made Locks
  • 1/2" Solid 60+ Rockwell Hard plate
  • Titan Dual Relocking System
  • Black or Gray Matte Finish (Gloss and Custom Finishes Available - Call: 800-299-6929)
  • Silver Pinstripe & Matching Hardware
  • Rontex™ interior including adjustable shelving and racks

Note: Depth dimensions includes handle.

Hand Cut & Custom Fit Step System Safe Door
one inch step system safe doorTwo inch step system safe door
Step-System-Door provides superior protection against prying plus enhanced fire protection.

Dual Palusol Gasket System
Dual Palusol® Fire Gasket System
Dual Palusol Fire Gasket System
Our dual Palusol® system helps protect your safe contents from both heat and smoke infiltration from fire.

Safe Wheel

FREE! 5-Prong Handle & Double Pin-Striping with Digital Lock
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American Made Safes

All Vault Pro Safes are Made With Pride in the USA
American made safe production line

Most safes can be built using one piece of steel bent from the left side of the safe around the back to the right side of the safe. We can then square, fit and weld the top and bottom of the safe with full length welds both inside and out.

American made safe worker American made gun safes being assembled
Quality construction begins with quality materials in the hands of skilled craftsman.

Once the safe bodies are fireproofed, the step system frame is built and shelving tracks are added. Each safe gets a hand cut and custom fitted step system door that is mated precisely to the body with a tolerance of no more than 1/16". The door is then built and hinged with very heavy duty hinges.

Some safes get custom options like hidden floors, long gun & pistol door backs before moving on to paint. All safes are body worked and primed before paint. Finishes are either matte finish or gloss and can be high end custom with hand pinstripe & one of a kind art works.

hidden floor compartment in safe
Hidden Floor Compartment being installed.

American made gun safes for sale
Each finished safe is proudly stamped Made in USA.
American Made Safes and Gun Safes ready for shipping

We place an emphasis on High End and Custom Safes
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Vault Pro USA safe models meet the demands of most of our safe customers, however, you may require a specific size and configuration to meet your security needs. Our custom safe manufacturing facility can make virtually any size and configuration safe. Please contact us with your specifications for a free quote.

Custom gun safe interior by Vault Pro USA
Custom safe exteriorCustom safe interior

We can build your custom safe to any size and configuration.
Click for custom gun safes
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Some models may be shown with both standard and optional hardware and accessories. Please call for details.

*Palusol is a registered trademark of BASF, Corporation