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Made in the USA gun safes, safety shelters, vault doorsThe Biggest Custom Gun Safes for the
Biggest Collections - MADE IN THE USA

Let us build your custom dream safe.

Monster custom very big gun safe interior
The Monster Gun Safe™ with custom interior.
Can be configured to hold 100 long guns without cramming.
Call: 800-299-6929

NEW! Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Safe

Fire and ballistic resistant display safe made in USAVault Pro & Moore Security introduced a new Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Safe at this year’s SHOT Show. Unlike anything on the market today, the display safe features complete contents display looking thru U.L. Certified Level I Ballistic Resistant and 1 Hour Fire Resistant Glass, Dual side mounted Triple-Step-System Doors with 4-way Active Locking Bolts, S&G Digital Locks, Solid Brass 5-Prong Handles, Dual Steel Composite Body with 2300° Ceramic Fireproofing, Heavy Duty Concealed Drawers & Pull Out Display, Remote Controlled L.E.D. Lighting System, Custom Champagne Finish fading to Root Beer Brown & hand pinstriped for the ultimate custom look.

Vault Pro’s Display Safe can be Level II Ballistic Resistant and 2 Hour Fireproof as well as completely customized and configured to accommodate just about anything display worthy that requires protection against theft, fire and natural disasters. For more information call one of our Vault Pro's at 800-299-6929.

Custom Safe Interior. Click on images to enlarge.
Custom Safe interior Custom Safe interior Custom Safe interior Custom Safe interior Custom Safe interior Custom Safe interior easy access. Custom Safe interior

Made in the USA gun safes, safety shelters, vault doorsAre you looking for a really big gun safe that can hold a lot of guns and ammunition?

We manufacture and sell factory direct the biggest gun safes made in America. Our big and roomy gun safes feature very large interiors - when size really matters. These safes provide superior fire and burglary protection and ALL our gun safes are Made in the USA. Call to talk with one of our gun safe experts for an honest review of your safe requirements.

72" Height x 60" Width x 33" Depth (depth includes door handle)

Vault Pro USA Triple Safe2" Step System Doors
2 Hour Fire
Overall Door Thickness 5 1/2"

Standard Features Include:

  • All Safe Compartments Fully Independentwith Steel on All Sides.
  • 10 gauge steel body - optional upgrade to 7 gauge or full 1/4" body
  • Bent body construction
  • Full length and continuously welded seams
  • Step-System-Doors hand cut and custom fitted
  • Dual Palusol® Gaskets
  • Sargent and Greenleaf rotating dial locks. (Digital option shown. Biometric locks available.)
  • 3-Way Active Locking Bolt System
  • 1/2" 60+ Rockwell hard plate
  • Titan dual locking system
  • Black, Brown, White or Gray Matte Finish. Other colors and gloss finish available
  • Silver pinstripe and matching hardware
  • Rontex™ interior including custom and convertible shelving and racks.

FT-2: Fortress Triple Door /
2" Step System Door
2 Hour Fire
*Overall Door Thickness 5 1/2"

factory direct price - $7399

Popular Custom Options:
Ceramic fireproofing 2300º degrees $550.00
7 gauge body $1,700.00
1/4" body $2,100.00
Digital locks - each $199.95
Inside Steel liner - 10 gauge $1075.00
Inside Steel liner - 7 gauge $1600.00
Inside Steel liner - 1/4" $2100.00
Gloss paint $600.00
Textured paint - red, white, blue or green $99.95


Safes and vault doors made in USAThe best way to protect and showcase your gun collection is with a custom gun safe from Vault Pro USA. We specialize in high end American made custom safe configurations and can personalize your safe to match your specific requirements. Need a custom safe interior? We can produce whatever you are looking for. Custom gun racks, jewelry safe interiors, automatic interior lighting, safe in safe, secure wine storage...and more. Take a look below at some examples of custom safes we have produced for our clients, then call us to discuss your specific safe requirements. Our custom safes may take longer to make, but they are worth it. Call us for a free safe quote: 800-299-6929


Custom Monster Triple Door Safe
Monster triple door gun safe by Vault Pro USA
Custom Triple Door Safe by Vault Pro USA

Three Door Monster Safe

This Monster Safe got the royal treatment and it shows. An absolutely stunning polished two-tone root beer & champagne gloss finish with understated hand pin striping & gold leaf centerpiece and lettering sets this Monster Safe off.

Three separate locking safes in one. Each door features a different custom 4-way bolt locking system actuated by gold 5-prong handles on hand fit 2” Step System doors secured by American Made S&G Digital Locks.

Opening the doors turns on the American Made L.E.D. Lighting system revealing three separate secure custom compartments with fully convertible, removable and adjustable shelving & gun racks to accommodate just about anything that might need to be safe kept. Electrical outlets throughout the safe ensures that dehumidifiers, computer back up’s, watch winders and other devices will always have a place to charge and operate during safekeeping.


A Triple Door Monster of a Safe with Custom Paint and Pin Striping.
Click on images to enlarge.

Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe


2nd Amendment Walk In Gun Safe

Walk in gun room 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

On December 15, 1791 the Second Amendment was adopted as part of the first 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment Constitutionally protects the rights of individuals to both keep and bear arms and reads as follows:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Walk in gunrooms and safes are becoming more popular everyday. Collectors commonly don’t have enough room even when using several safes to secure their collections, they simply need more safe and secure space.

The Second Amendment Gun Safe is a one of a kind custom safe that will easily accommodate just about any collection.

Walk in Safe with Guns 2nd Amendment
This Walk in Gun Vault is a complete armory gun room with space for
hundreds of guns and other valuables.

2nd Amendment Custom Safe Custom safe interior Custom Safe interior with lighting and electrical outlets Custom vault room holds hundreds of guns.
Click on images to enlarge.


Texas Size Gun Safes - Made in USA

Texas gun safes - Lone Star State Flag Theme

Our friends in Texas love the protection that our Vault Pro Safes offer. They love the tight pry-proof fit and tolerances between the door and body of their safes, the dual seal that our step systems doors create when closed against dual Palusol® gaskets and 5/8” Solid Steel Frame. Our friends in Texas like their gun safes big and they like their gun safes custom.

We love our friends in Texas and are proud to build safes and vault doors that protect Texas sized collections, heirlooms and untold valuables against malicious attack, Burglary, fire and natural disasters.

Vault Pro’s Lone Star Safe is the only Lone Star Safe that can claim the title as being American Made.

Vault Pro has teamed up with Heath Moore at Moore Security in Houston and in the Woodlands to supply the Lone Star Safe to those who cherish the Lone Star and want the highest quality American Made Safe protecting their valuables.

If you are in the market for a safe that will protect your assets, collections and heirlooms, you owe it to yourself as well as your benefactors to call one of our Vault Pro’s.

Put Vault Pro to the test…see how we compare…give us a call today.


Custom Gun Safe Interiors

Cedar Lined Safe with Maple Wine Rack

Safe in Safe compartment and Wine RackThis large custom American made safe features a 1/4" Steel Body with a 1/2" Solid Steel Front Plate 2" Step System Door that also includes 1/4" Plate of Stainless Steel, 1" 60+ Rockwell Hard Plate, 20 Stainless Steel Locking Bolts (all 4-way active bolt system with 360º rotating bolts), Titan Quadruple +1 Relocking System. The Interior includes 2300° Ceramic Fire Blanket, a 1/4" Steel Body Safe in Safe with Sargent & Greenleaf Dial Lock, A Beautiful Solid Cedar Interior surrounds the Fully Adjustable Solid Cedar Shelving and Gun Rack, A Solid Maple Wine Rack that neatly conceals 18-Bottles, L.E.D. Lighting with automatic shut off when the door is closed. In the words of one of our clients "it's a Bad Ass Safe!"

What do you require? Your wish is our command.

Custom safe in safe and wine vault storage
Custom Cedar and Maple Interior · Safe in Safe · Wine Rack
Safe interiors can be fully customized.



Custom Pin-Striping by Tom Kelly

Turn your safe or vault door in to a piece of art with custom pin-striping by award winning artist Tom Kelly "The Crazy Painter."

Tom Kelly has been called "the best pinstriper in the business." Kelly has been in this business now for over 60 years and has hand painted, lettered, striped and decorated everything you can name: race cars, motorcycles, helmets, surfboards, skateboards, jet skis, water skis, boats, trucks and more. We are pleased to be able to offer Mr. Kelly's unique artistic skills to our Vault Pro customers.

Double Door Custom safe with flame motif by Tom Kelly
Custom Double Door Safe with Flame Motif Art by Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly Hand the Crazy Painter Custom pin stripingTom Kelly custom pin striping safe
Tom Kelly Hand Pin-striping/Personalization $750.00 - $1500
Tom Kelly personally applies custom designs to Vault Pro safes and vault doors.*Not available on matte finishes.

Tom Kelly the crazy painter adding art to safe
Each safe or vault door is a meticulous work of art.
Custom pin striping and art for safes & vault doors by Tom Kelly

Custom art work pin striping by Tom Kelly
Attention to detail on each safe or vault door.
Custom safe art and logo

Shelby Cobra paint scheme on custom safe
One Bad Ass Custom Gun Safe featuring
Shelby Stripes, Ford logo and Eagle by Tom Kelly
Shelby Ford Cobra custom paint with Eagle motif

Detail on Eagle and Ford logo are unbelievable.

Above is a Eagle Series safe with custom Shelby style motif. This is undeniably one “Bad Ass Safe.” Metallic Oval Blue and twin white Shelby stripes, along with some all American red, white and blue Pinstripes and artwork by the one and only Crazy Painter Tom Kelly make this one of the highest end, custom safes you'll ever see. Fitted out with S & G Digital Lock, polished solid stainless steel 5-prong handle finish appearance package on this 100% American Made Gun Safe. It is also equipped with full electricity, automatic L.E.D. Lighting (also American made), Pistol Pro Door Backing and 2300° Ceramic Fire Blanket  under a heavier than normal layer of cold rolled steel. What’s more American than that?

Custom Safe Pin-Striping and Art

Custom Door with art pinstripe
Click image to enlarge.
Custom safe and art
Click image to enlarge.
Custom Door art and detail
Click image to enlarge.

Stone mountain safe aer workStone Mountain Safe

Vault Pro’s American Eagle Series Safes are built beyond the specifications for B Rate safes typically found in most retail and outlet locations and include a ¼” bent steel body, ½” Steel in the door, American Made Sargent & Greenleaf Group 1 locks protected by 1” Hard-plate and backed up by a Quadruple + 1 Re-locking system for the ultimate drill and punch protection. Well above and beyond the B Rate safes, the American Eagle Series Safes also include 2” double step system doors, dual Palusol® gaskets, 2300° ceramic fireproofing, 4-way active bolt locking system, full electrical and American made motion activated L.E.D. Lighting System, Golden Rod dehumidifier, 5-Prong Handle in either solid stainless steel or solid brass, and of course, the American Eagle Series Safes come with a standard Gloss Finish. What more could you want?

Personalization you say...Vault Pro's got it. Personalization is a “to each his own” kind of thing, original, one off, and one of a kind. One of a kind is getting harder and harder to find these days. Mass Production, Computer graphics, silk screens, overlays, magnetic scenery’s and wraps have all taken the personal touches and originality away from those with real artistic talent. With a refusal to allow cheap reproducible medias to be passed off as art, Vault Pro has actively searched for, found and is currently working with world class artists to do what no other safe or vault door manufacturer is capable of doing today. Working with their hands and true talent, Vault Pro’s artists can truly transform your safe or vault door to be a true original, one off and one of a kind piece of functional art that you will be proud own as well as pass down to future generations.

Case in point…aptly named and built like a Stone Mountain, Vault Pro was provided with a company logo on a business card and asked to duplicate the scenery on an orchard owners Custom AE-750 safe with Safe in Safe. A black gloss finish was applied in a mirror fine finish then Tom Kelly knocked it out of the park with beautiful lines, hand airbrush work and over the top interpretation of the business card art. Vault Pro then applied several clear coats to properly protect the finish and art, then polished the safe to a high luster gloss finish.

When you want a safe or vault door that is truly an original, only Vault Pro can deliver.

Vault Pro invites and respects any and all inquiries and requests, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-299-6929.

Custom Door with company logo and paint
Click image to enlarge.

Custom safe paint and artwork
Click image to enlarge.

Custom Safe with custom lettering - Eagle Series

Houston Gun Safe

Whether it is your name or the city you love, Vault Pro can customize and personalize your safe to match your desires.

Local Pin striper "Danny A" set the tone using an arched gold on this "HOUSTON" brand safe with white outline, fancy top filigree and custom stripes and corners over an impeccable black gloss finish.

The Houston Gun Safe includes a 3 gauge (1/4") steel body, 2300° Ceramic Fire Blanket, 2" Step Door & 7/8" Step Frame, 4-way active bolt locking system (all bolts rotate 360º to prevent cutting), Titan Quadruple +1 Relocking system, 1" 60+ Rockwell hard-plate, S & G Digital Lock, 5-prong handle. The custom interior includes a door mounted long gun rack that will accommodate oversized scopes, automatic L.E.D. Lighting system, dehumidifier, all adjustable shelving and gun racks.

Custom Tennessee Titan Gun Safe in Tennessee Volunteers orange with logo

Custom Gun Safe in Tennessee Volunteers school colors.

We put so many coats of custom Tennessee Volunteers Orange paint on this safe I was afraid that the door would rub against the frame…it didn’t, however, the gap between the door and frame on this safe is insanely snug and tight. Great work by our custom safe building team. Thanks to one loyal Volunteer, I got to build another “Bad Ass Safe”. Go Vols!!!

(Below) Interior of custom safe with optional automatic interior lighting system and pistol holders. Call one of our vault pros to talk about your requirements: 800-299-6929.

Custom safe with Tenessee volunteers colors and logo
Custom large gun safe with optional lighting and pistol holders.

Custom Safe with Oak Interior with Oak Interior, L.E.D. Lighting and Long Gun Storage for Large Rifles with Scopes.

Gold custom hand pinstripe & personalized monograms adorn this stunning mirror fine black gloss finish along with a fancy 5-prong handle and Sargent & Greenleaf Biometric Digital Lock. It only gets better when you open the 2" Step System Door to reveal the 4-way active bolt locking system with 20-1" Hardened Steel Bolts and a Solid Oak Gun Rack on the Door that will comfortably accommodate Oversized Scoped Long Guns. Who wouldn't want Solid Oak Shelving and adjustable Solid Oak Gun Racks, Automatic L.E.D. Lighting System for showcasing their collection. Top & Bottom electrical outlets allow for a watch winder, dehumidifier, motion detector or anything else you may need inside your safe.

Custom gun safe with oak interior Custom safe interior with lighting and electrical

Personalize your safe with monogram or custom graphic. Add electrical outlets and lighting to your safe.


Diamond Corner Safe

Custom diamond corner safe

Corner Diamond Safe Interior

Diamond Corner Custom Safe
Click on image to enlarge.

We are Custom Safe Specialists
Diamond corner safe under construction
Click on image to enlarge.

Our New Diamond Corner Safe is designed to fit conveniently into the corner of a room. This special purpose safe features a v-shaped back that allows the safe to fit flush against two walls at 90 degree angles, while providing plenty of storage for guns and other valuables.

Vault Pro's Diamond Corner Safes can be built to just about any specifications and dimensions our clients may need. Vault Pro can build Diamond Corner Safes using 10 gauge steel (just over 1/8"), 7 gauge steel (3/16") or 3 gauge steel (1/4") as well as up to 2 hour fire resistance.

Vault Pro's Custom Diamond Corner safes are almost always custom sized to fit a custom need and require some additional time to build and organize the custom interior. This is where Vault Pro excels above all others. No one else even comes close when it comes to custom built safes and finishes.

All of Vault Pro Safes, Vault Doors and Walk-in Vaults are built at our location in Santa Fe Springs, California and are Lifetime Guaranteed. Call one of our vault pro’s today to get your own custom safe, vault door or walk in vault.


Vault Pro Hidden Floor Compartment
hidden compartment in floor of safeHidden safe compartment with valuables
Hidden floor compartment. Keep your most important valuables from prying eyes.
Compartment can be made lockable.

With Vault Pro's Hidden Floor option, your secrets are safe. Even with the safe wide open, no one will know the entirety of its contents because it becomes virtually invisible and appears as part of the hard interior (see for yourself). Hidden floors can also include a keyed lock for an extra added level of security.

Floor Safe

Custom floor safe with waterproof seals
Vault Pro is your big and custom safe and vault door specialist. No one does Big and Custom like we do. However, every now and then a project comes along and we create something not so typical of our reputation but never the less we built to the highest quality and over the top heavy and in this case…pretty awesome.

This In-Ground Safe is to be set and poured in place with the foundation of a home or business. The entirety of this safe will be under-ground with a floor flush mounted top that will be covered, hidden and provide perfect concealment as well as security from fire, theft and natural disasters.

I always worry about moisture inside any safe. When the safe is underground, moisture can be especially damning. For just such applications Vault Pro coats the entire safe (inside and out) with a marine grade polyurethane paint that is designed to hold up to extreme conditions including salt water and alkaline and uses siliconized rubber gaskets to seal the door air and water tight. As always, the fit of the door to the frame is an extremely snug fit to begin with.

Custom Safe floor safe
Click to enlarge
Custom Safe floor safe door
Click to enlarge
Custom Safe floor safe tray system
Click to enlarge
Custom Safe floor safe trays
Click to enlarge
Pictures shown are before paint & finishing touches
When given the space to work with, Vault Pro provided the maximum usable safe storage solution for our client by making the door space just large enough that seven long guns can be placed at the very bottom of the safe and the heavy duty sliding and removable storage boxes sit above the firearms on a shelf so the space to each side of the door can be used easily all the way to the top of the safe.

Bookend Safes

Custom bookshelf safes
Twin Bookend Safes with Doors that open opposite each other.
Book end safes interior - twin safes

Ultimate Wall Safe

Super thick steel, stainless steel, and then more steel make up this small but mighty wall safe. It was built to fit into an already existing concrete wall opening. If the wall should ever crush, this safe will live on. The American made L.E.D. lights are automatic and turn on when the door is opened revealing the contents of the safe. After its intended concealment few will ever see the safe and even fewer its interior.

Custom wall safe interior
Click to enlarge

Custom Stainless Pull Handle

Custom Stainless Safe pull handles
Click to enlarge
Stainless Pull Handle.
This comfortable smooth handle
makes opening your safe door easier.

Classy Custom Double Door Armoire/Computer Work Station

Custom Security Cabinet

Custom Security Cabinet ExteriorCustom Security Cabinet interior with electrical outlet

Elegant, Subdued and Ultimately Secure, this custom double door armoire features top & bottom bolt locking system with interlocking and stepped doors and no center column pillar, 2300° Ceramic Fire liner, Electrical Outlet, Wimbledon White Gloss Finish, Silver L-Handles & S&G Elegant Keyed Lock, Stained White Birch adjustable shelving and desktop with cedar lined & trimmed keyboard drawer & steel safe drawer with keyed lock. Designed to be a secure computer work station with ultimate fire resistance and elegance, this Custom Armoire is like no other and is well suited for any clean & classy work or home environment.


Harley Davidson custom safe paint and restoration
Custom safe restoration and paint job.

A customer brought us his Mosler safe, which is over 100 years old. We refurbished it and painted it to match his custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Add Text and Custom Graphics to Your Gun Safe.

Custom safe graphicsIn God We Trust - Custom safe graphic

Call to talk with one of our Custom Safe Design Experts: 800-299-6929

Custom Safe Colors Available

Huntsman model safe with custom platinum finish paint Hunstsman safe with platinum custom paint showing door detail

Custom Gun Safe in Platinum finish.
Call about other custom safe paint colors.

Large double door custom gun safe with interior lighting
Double Door Safe with Custom Paint, Interior, Electrical and Lighting

Custom safe exteriorCustom safe interior
Need top security in a small space?
We make custom solutions for home or office.
Get a Real Gun Safe not a gun cabinet.

Custom Safe for California Deer Association
Click image to enlarge
Custom 630 Eagle Series Safe in Hunter Green Gloss with California Deer Association logo.

Custom Safes - Any Size - Any Configuration
CALL 800-299-6929

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We strive to deliver all our products in a timely manner. Custom safes may take longer to complete due to configuration, special options ordered and shipping method used. Please contact us for details.