Custom Vault Doors and Vault Door Art Design

Vault Pro USA Specializes in High End Custom American Made Vault & Storm Shelter Doors

Custom made vault doors made in USALooking for a custom vault door installation? Let Vault Pro help you create the perfect vault door customized for your home or business. Our team of American craftsman can not only build a custom vault door for your storm shelter or walk in vault room they can also personalize the look of your door. We can paint your vault door in virtually any color. Add your initials, favorite team logo or business identity to any vault door.

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Custom Elite Series Vault Door with Harley Davidson motif

Custom vault door paint and design servicesCustom Vault Door with Harley theme Art Design

Legendary pin striper Mr. Tom Kelly at Kelly & Son Crazy Painters in Bellflower, California put his personal touch on this one of a kind In-Swing Hinged Elite Series Vault Door that we here at Vault Pro call the Harley Door.

A brilliant bright orange and thin white pinstripe frame the door with neon lettered "Harley Davidson", bold stand alone "HD" and pearlized understatement at the top with elegant original designed corners at the bottom.

At the center of this masterpiece is a fierce air brushed American Bald Eagle wrapped in a Harley Davidson ribbon that flows into an intricate hand pinstriped design around a Sargent & Greenleaf Group 1 Biometric Digital Lock.

Our client requested a custom vault door that would match his Harley in color. He was skeptical when I told him to trust me and leave it in my hands. He never could have imagined that he would be receiving a masterpiece work of art that any firearm collector who owns a Harley would be proud to display.

Custom Harley Davidson Design Vault Door
Our custom design team can create a safe or vault door motif reflecting your personality or business branding.
Custom vault door design


Custom Pin-Striping by Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Hand the Crazy Painter Custom pin striping
Turn your safe or vault door in to a piece of custom art. Vault Pro is honored to be associated with award winning artist Tom Kelly "The Crazy Painter."

Tom Kelly has been called "the best pinstriper in the business." Kelly has been creating his custom one of a kind art for over 60 years and has hand painted, lettered, striped and decorated everything you can name: race cars, motorcycles, helmets, surfboards, skateboards, jet skis, water skis, boats, trucks and more. We are pleased to be able to offer Mr. Kelly's unique artistic skills to our Vault Pro customers.

Tom Kelly Hand Pin-striping/Personalization
$750.00 - $1500.00
*Not available on matte finishes
Tom Kelly the crazy painter adding art to safe
Each hand finished safe or vault door becomes
a meticulous work of art.

Custom pin striping and art for safes & vault doors by Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly custom pin striping safe
Tom Kelly applies a custom design
to one of our Vault Pro safes.
Custom art work pin striping by Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly custom art and pin stripe gallery. Click on images to enlarge.
Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe

2nd Amendment Custom Vault Door Art and Pinstriping

Custom vault door 2nd amendment art pinstripe Custom vault door 2nd amendment art pinstripe Custom vault door 2nd amendment art pinstripe
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Vault Room Door with Custom Pinstripe Art

Custom Vault Door in frameCustom vault door open for inspection

Custom Vault Door Custom Vault Door Art Custom Vault Door Room Custom Vault Door Safe Room Custom Vault Door Artwork Closeup

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Custom Titan Series Vault Doors

One client two doors. These are not before and after images. This client wanted something special for his game room, which is tricked out to look like an old mine. This Titan series door got the full Hollywood treatment by one of the top movie artists and is aged to look like it’s been underground for a hundred years. The second Titan door (grey door) also features the family coat of arms and custom art. Both feature dual locks and our heavy duty hinge system for easy opening.

Custom Titan Door
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Custom Vault Door
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Custom vault door art pinstripe Custom vault door art pinstripe
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Baylor University Custom Vault Door and ArtBaylor University Custom Vault Door

Hand pinstriped and polished, this In-swinging hinged Elite Series 2” Step System vault door stands at about one hundred inches in height (over eight feet tall) and features include American Made Digital Lock, Silver 5-Prong Handle, Flawless Black Gloss Finish & hand pin striping by the Crazy Painter Tom Kelly and polished to a mirror fine finish. This proud Baylor University Alum also has the benefit of knowing that anything safe kept behind this door is protected with style.

Baylor U Door Baylor U Custom Vault Door Interior Baylor U Custom Vault Door Exterior
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Barrett Security Vault Door

Vault Pro USA custom vault door with lettering

Custom Vault Door detail

When you have a large collection of Barrett Arms to secure and need maximum security and protection against theft and fire, a safe just won't do. Vault Pro specializes in customizing all American Made Step System Vault Doors to perfectly fit your Walk-In Vault regardless of the wall composition and thickness.

Framed in fancy matching gold corners and stripes, local pin striper "Danny A" hand striped a flawless black gloss Executive Series Vault Door to include an all original and white outlined "Barrett Security" moniker.

Finishing touches include upper and lower fancy filigree center pieces and "American Made by Vault Pro" lettered around the American Made Digital lock. A five prong handle completes the door and adds a classy and functional touch to a beautiful one of a kind vault door.

Vault Pro custom designs one of a kind and original works of art for many of our clients. What will your door look like? 800-299-6929


Emergency escape hatch can be placed in the shelter side wall for quick exit should the main door become blocked by debris. Emergency escape hatch with quick internal release handle. Safe rooms can also be configured with pneumatic or hydraulic escape hatch mechanisms.

Custom Vault Door Design
Configure your Safe Room for maximum security with easy ingress and egress.

Custom Vault Door and
Emergency Escape Hatch.

Custom Hidden Vault Door for
Home or Business Safe Rooms

 >>> For More Information on Emergency Hatches Click Here.

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Reverse Flange & Inside Wall Mounted Vault Door

Not every vault is built the same way…therefore, not every vault door is built the same way. Most Vault Pro vault door installations are straight forward and standard frames are built to be lagged in place on either a concrete or block wall. In some cases vault doors are rebar tied, sandwiched between forms and concrete poured in place. Others have sandwich style frames that clamp onto the wall from both the inside and the outside. Then we have the not as common and custom vault doors that Vault Pro builds specific to the client’s requests and requirements. This is one of those.

Our client has a 12” rebar reinforced concrete wall with a pre-existing rough opening of 84-1/4” height x 38-1/2” width. An additional wall was already built in front of the concrete wall and wouldn’t allow for a standard frame to be installed from the front. Vault Pro engineered and custom built this In-swing Hinged Elite Series Vault Door & frame to match the existing opening and to be installed with a reversed 4” flange designed to be lagged in from the inside of the room using J-bolts. Notice the lag bolt holes around the flange.

Vault Pro builds a great number of standard and straight forward doors and can design and build vault doors to match just about any custom application. Feel free to give us a call at 800-299-6929 anytime with any questions or concerns you might have.

Reverse Flange & Inside Wall Mounted Vault Door
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In-swing Hinged Vault Door
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Reverse Flange & Inside Wall Mounted Vault Door quick release
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Hidden Vault Room

Hidden vault room doorEver got the feeling like there just isn't enough room? J.B. has. He recently spent a lot of time in his custom gun room and walk in vault and in the end, still has guns that don't have a place to stay. Check out the custom woodwork J.B. did both to conceal the door on the outside and the semi-gloss oak cabinetry inside the room. Lots of hand guns and lots of long guns. Thank you J.B. for the nice pictures. Rest easy knowing that Vault Pro has your weapons covered with an In-swinging Hinged Elite Series Vault Door with an Sargent & Greenleaf E.M.P. Resistant Group 1, Digital Lock.

Click on images to enlarge.
Exterior hidden vault room Hidden vault room entrance inswing vault door to hidden vault room

custom pistol racks oak cabinets Ehidden vault room storage hidden vault room long gun storage hidden vault room door internal release

Large Custom Walk In Vault Gun Room

Custom gun room with wood paneling and vault door

Protected by one of our Atlas vault doors, this amazing large custom walk in gun vault is still under construction. It features custom cabinetry, shelving, drawers and rifle racks in a very large space with complete climate control for additional protection of weapons and other valuables. Thanks to Mr. JK for sharing images of his new beauty.

"Thank you for everything you have done. I believe that you have gone above and beyond with this project. You can rest assured that I will highly recommend you to any and all customers that request a reference."

John K.

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custom walk in wood panel vault room custom walk in wood panel vault room
custom walk in wood panel vault room custom walk in wood panel vault room custom walk in wood panel vault room

Exterior Vault Doors & Storm Shelter Doors

Exterior Storm Vault DoorVault Pro's Vault, Security & Safe Room Doors take on a different stance when used on the exterior of the home, business or storm shelter.

Exposure to the elements (sun, rain, snow & tornado's) is a major concern when dealing with steel products. The sun alone will destroy most coatings and the rain or snow will be right behind it to rust up moving parts that aren't well sealed or properly weather proofed. Tornado's of course will damage just about anything in it's path and usually tear locks and handles off of normal vault doors.

The fact that these doors are exposed to the outdoors also exposes them to potential criminal activity that may result in an attempted break in.

For Vault, Security & Safe Room Doors that are intended to be exposed to the weather, Vault Pro goes the extra mile ensuring that any and all seams are sealed completely, all steel surfaces are properly prepped, primed and coated with a U.V. protected Marine Grade finish.
Exterior Storm Vault Door open
Protecting the lock & handle, Vault Pro heavy hinges a 1/4" steel protective box completely over both the lock and handle. Vault Pro's known for tight tolerances and we demonstrated it once again with a lock cover that closes with less than 1/16" gap over the surface of the door when locked. We don't just call it quits after that...we have put this protective cover to the test. Notice the rain gutter covering the top three sides of the lock & handle, it isn't there just to channel the water is built to exactly match the inside of the lock box to support it when it is closed and locked. If the box itself is beat repeatedly during an attack or by tornado debris the rain gutter & support does not allow the protective box to move from it's original position...even after repeated blows from a 16 lb. sledge hammer. When a siliconized gasket is applied, water is channeled away from potentially sensitive area's of the door keeping the lock and handle dry and functioning even in the worst of storms or attempted break in.

Custom Vault Door Design and Sample Art Gallery
If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Stainless Steel Vault Door

Stainless steel vault door frontAt 96" tall x 36" wide and solid stainless steel, you can't get a door like this anywhere else. It had to be custom built by Vault Pro.

Most of our competitors that use stainless steel do so as a laminate or veneer for looks and use really thin material (1/16" or thinner). It does look good, however, it does nothing for the structural integrity or security of the product they build. If the stainless used is 1/8" thick or less, it can be torch cut and does nothing more than look good. What's the use in that?

Vault Pro uses stainless steel handles & hinge caps on some of our higher line safes and vault doors. Stainless steel adorns our lights and cover plates in Vault Pro Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters. We also use thicker stainless steel inside some of our vault and safe doors where the possibility of torch cutting exists.

On this 100% American Made Solid Stainless Steel Vault Door a Custom Stainless Steel dual cam system keeps the locking bolts perfectly aligned, true and running smoothly. The locking bolts, hinges, hinge pins, re-lockers, bolt carriage & bolt guides, risers, towers, springs, internal release and everything else is custom built using Stainless Steel. The frame & door front plate as well as the underpinnings are all at least 1/4" or thicker stainless steel. Handle shaft and carriage actuator arms are 3/4" solid stainless for well beyond a lifetime of use. Check out the stainless steel 5-prong handle and matching hinge caps.

If you need a Custom Vault or Safe Door that is impervious to torch cutting, won't rust in weather and will look fantastic for the rest of your life...stainless steel is the material to use and Vault Pro is the only choice.

Stainless Steel Vault Door
Click on image to enlarge
Solid Stainless Steel vault door and frame
Click on image to enlarge
Stainless steel vault door and locking bolts
Click on image to enlarge

100% American Made Solid Stainless Steel Vault Door only from Vault Pro.

Custom Elite Series Inward Swing Vault Door

Elite Vault Door
Click on image to enlarge
vault door installed in home
Click on image to enlarge
Inward swing vault door
Click on image to enlarge

Custom Elite Series Inward Swing Vault Door with Redundant Lock System.

Custom vault door with helmut design
Make it yours.

Custom helmet design artwork inset above from custom vault door pictured at left.
Custom vault door art
Add your initials
Vault door custom art
Company logo on custom vault door

Designed and Made in America

Vault Pro can build your custom vault door then personalize it with your name, company or organization logo, or any custom design you desire.

All artwork is produced by American artists. Call to talk with one of our custom vault door experts about your specific requirements and free quote. 800-299-6929

Explore the possibilities.
custom safe paint with flame motif
Click on image to enlarge.
Match your vault door or safe to any theme.
Geometrics or images we can do it.
Hand done art with great attention to detail is
unique to each safe or vault door.

Custom safe art and logo
We can create custom art for your vault door or safe. Use your own design or let our experts create it for you. 


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We strive to deliver all our products in a timely manner. Custom safes may take longer to complete due to configuration, special options ordered and shipping method used. Please contact us for details.