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Safes made in USA - Vault ProReal comments and reviews from actual Vault Pro customers.

We are proud to be an American owned gun safe, vault door and modular shelter manufacturing company. We are not the oldest or the biggest company, however, we strive to be the best. Quality is our watchword.  When we say made in the USA on our products we mean it. All of our gun safes, vault doors and shelter safe rooms are made in America. Safes, Vault Door, Storm Shelters Vault ProWe are also proud to be a Veteran owned business.

We are pleased to share a small sampling of comments and reviews from our growing list of satisfied customers. If you are in the market for a new safe, vault door or shelter we would love the opportunity to talk with you about your individual requirements.


Hello Denise,

When I purchased the Vault Pro safe I knew I was getting the best safe made, what I did not know that I was getting even better customer service. At the time I made the purchase I had no idea of the logistics of getting the safe delivered and set up in our house. I purchased the largest you made because I read the number one complaint from people with a gun safe was that their safe was too small. I have learned over the years it is better to have too much than too little space.

Yesterday XPO sent the driver in a full sized semi with a lift gate that would not support the safe. Today I called the local XPO and spoke with Shawn who said they had sent two people in the smallest truck they had with the appropriate lift gate. What really impressed me was when Lionel from XPO called me. It was obvious that you had spoken to him and he was calling to let me know that the safe was being delivered.

I spoke with my wife, the two people they sent included a senior person who was very experienced. My wife was extremely impressed with how courteous and thoughtful they both were. They both worked very hard to put the safe in the garage. The senior guy said this was the largest and heaviest item he had ever delivered.

I found the email for Nick and sent him an email on what had happened and he had the manager call me. None of this would have been possible without your help, I did not know that Nick owned the company. I am writing this to let you know that I have observed and greatly appreciated all your help that you have given to make the delivery and set up of the safe possible. The additional challenges have served to make me appreciate this all the more.

The two people I have dealt with the most at Vault Pro, you and Dick, have been wonderful. If I have any questions about the lock I will let you know. We are both delighted with the safe and the service. It was my wife's idea to get the safe otherwise I would probably have never gotten one. Vault Pro is a wonderful company that not only builds the best safes, but has the best customer service by far.

Thanks again for all your wonderful assistance. We are very thankful for all your help.

Steve & Noreen

Tony and all the Vault Pro staff,

Large home safe made in USAPurchased a Gold (Golden Eagle) series in 2016 and couldn’t be happier. The wait was well worth it. The fit and finish is great and it’s perfect for my needs. My neighbor who helped me get it off the skids and into its final resting place even commented on the workmanship; especially on the fit of the door.

To all the staff, thank you all for your patience and great customer service throughout the process. Denise was great and worked with me over many phone calls and emails as I was deciding on the dimensions for the safe.

Tony and Joni were great too; letting me know when it was on the way and making sure it arrived unscathed. I’d asked for the lever handle and it came installed but someone inadvertently included the hub for the spoke wheel. After calling and talking to Tony he told me to just keep it rather than sending it back. In fact, a week later a set of spokes arrived gratis from Tony. Thanks !! (In fact I am using it as my wife, who was hesitant about such a large safe liked the look better)

Love the flexibility of the interior, the lighting and the dehumidifier, which is a must here in the Pacific North West.

After doing a LOT of research I went with Vault Pro. Now that it’s here, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vault Pro over their competitors “production line / off the shelf” offerings. I really do feel this is one of the best, if not the best safe on the market; especially the Gold series. It’s a tank.

Thanks Tony, Joni, Denise and all !

Southwest Washington

Dear Tony,

I would like to let you know how impressed I am with my vault door. I needed to have a vault door that would fit into a existing opening and was about to settle for a stock door from another manufacturer and modify the opening accordingly. I'm really glad I decided to continue my search and found Vault Pro online. After talking to you Tony, I felt I had found exactly what I was looking for.

I sent pictures and dimensions of the wall opening. When the vault door arrived, it was exactly the dimensions I had given and it fit the opening perfectly. The craftsmanship was beyond my expectations and the finish was superb. I would recommend a Vault Pro safe or door without reservation to anyone looking for the security you can only get from owning the best in the business.

Thank you for your excellent customer service and product!

Omaha, NE

Customer letter and testimonialDear folk at Vault Pro

I am so impressed with the Golden Eagle safe y'all sold me. I've used it since its April delivery and it has performed flawlessly. The design and flexibility is great, and the craftsmanship is simply excellent. Delivery was as you promised and we had no trouble setting the safe5in place.

Thank you for a great product & wonderful service!

Craig P.

Dear Mr. Darling,

Customer safe installed in homeI wanted to take this time to extend my sincere gratitude for the outstanding service I was provided in my purchase of a custom Vault Pro safe. I am a very skeptical person when ordering on line, especially with large purchases, but my fears were diminished because of the excellent customer service team that worked with me. A special thanks goes to Denise Arreola, who assisted me on my numerous calls. She took the time to patiently and informatively answer all the questions I had regarding the products, price, delivery and care. I was notified throughout the duration of the building of my custom safe with photos and details showing me the whole process from start to finish. When my Vault Pro safe arrived, I was so pleased with the craftsmanship, quality, and all the details that make this safe by far, the best in the industry. I would absolutely recommend your product to others and I would not hesitate to order through your company again. Thank you again for standing beside an exceptional product and giving excellent customer care all the way.



While shopping for a walk-in vault for my new home, I came across Vault Pro USA, and am I glad I did.

While we just completed the final planning phase and are entering the fabrication stage, I have to express my initial impressions.

Rarely have I come across a company that exudes such professionalism, knowledge and care to understand my needs, and, to ensure I receive exactly what I want, down to the smallest detail. And, add this to their, courteousness, patience & helpful manner, you can imagine how pleased I am.

The bottom line is, the great folks there not only met my highest expectations, they easily exceeded them. Thank you Tony, Dick, Stu, and the rest of the great crew there. I am completely confident my vault will be everything I expect it to be.

Thanks Vault Pro USA! You can be sure I’ll follow up with final comments and photos after the final installation.

It is with the utmost of confidence that I highly recommend Vault Pro USA for any safe, vault, shelter or any security needs.

Robert F

Safe and Sound!

Good Morning

Just thought I’d let you know that we got the safe and it was in perfect condition. No dings/bumps/ or scratches! ...The ranch is located 1 -1/2 miles off the black top on a caliche road, BUT!! All is well. I give the truck driver 5 stars for the effort.

It is beautiful and very solid! And I feel very comfortable leaving things there. I would like to say that Vault Pro did a SUPERB JOB! I am very very pleased and the color is awesome! So thank the guys for me. I have included a few pictures for you, thank you again! I hope you have a great day! a great week and may you build many more safes to come.

David H.

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Safe Delivered by Vault Pro USA Safe Delivered by Vault Pro USA Safe Delivered by Vault Pro USA

Safe in garage - Vault Pro USAThank you for the safe, it is awesome! After receiving the safe I realized what I paid for is a real quality product. This work of craftsmanship is for those who are serious about securing what is important to them, in my opinion. After doing my homework, I knew what I was looking for was not available in the stores in my area, Cabela's, Scheel's, Sportsman's Warehouse and others. After searching on the internet and youtube I came across VaultPro USA. I was very impressed with what I saw and soon realized my search had come to an end. I ordered the safe at the end of January 2016 and it arrived on Wednesday June 1. It was well worth the wait.

I want to thank you all at VaultPro for the product and the courtesy you extended to me along the way.


Hey Guys

I am writing this so you may use it for advertising if so desired. I have had your door for about 1 1/2 years in our new house. I would say I access it almost daily, sometimes several times a day. I just replaced the battery for the first time.

I could not be happier with this purchase and to anyone reading this, My experience with Vault Pro was nothing less than OUTSTANDING! I am VERY picky and this was a breeze from design, ordering, shipping, instillation, and use. I did a LOT of research and was very nervous as the door was about $3500 all said and done (I think) which was much better than the competition for the door I received. I had it custom built with both electronic and manual open and also a "peep hole".

My biggest thing is customer service and quality and Vault Pro delivered! I live in Nebraska and was nervous about ordering a door from California. Buy with confidence, it was a terrific experience and would give them 5 stars on everything!


Evaluation of Golden Eagle Model Number SE-630

There's a Saying: "You Get what You Pay- For" Go to any National Sporting Store and Look at their Safes, Even Tractor Supply they all sell Name Brand well Known Named Safes. Their Prices reflect the Workmanship and materials used in their construction.

Thin sheet metal over a fire proof material. Plastic Interior Gun Racks, Vinyl Pistol bags, Low Quality interiors and Doors with a Gap you can easily apply a crowbar into and pry open. Some Doors Rattle like tin Cans. I've invested a lot of money, into my guns, No way would these Safes, adequately protect my investment!

I guarantee you will not see and I repeat, you will not see this type of cheap quality built into a Vault Pro Safe. Outstanding Quality Workmanship and materials used.

The Burgundy Finish I requested is like an Automotive Finish, Bright and Shiny with twin Pin Stripping Matching Lock EMP S&G and Five Spoked Handle and Interior LED Lights that come on via a Sensor when Door is Open Up.

Overall Quality: Rated Five Stars*****

Vault Pro Safes Interior: Rated Five Stars*****

Vault Pro Safes Sales & Technical Folks: Rated Five Stars*****

Shipping California to Maine Packaging: Rated Five Stars *****

If you want a Quality Safe with Quality Workmanship; I highly recommend, if you are going to invest in a Safe to protect your investments I highly recommend a safe Custom Built by Vault Pro Safe. You will be another Satisfied Customer.

M. Paris Mid - Coast Maine 4/18/2016 Very Satisfied Customer

I received your thank you note and wanted to, in turn, thank YOU and everyone at VaultPro. My experience with you was a very positive one from start to finish. My door is installed in my new home, protecting a reinforced cement 10x10 room with insulated, fire resistant, steel panel ceiling. I've run electrical and internet into that room which will not only store my firearms and ammunition, but will double as a panic room as needed. The black trim on the black door, as you suggested, does indeed look very slick!

Thank you for making this small dream come true for my new home. Thus far, everything has exceeded expectations.


Vault Pro USA testimonial letterDecember 13, 2015

Vault Pro Inc. 13607 Pumice St.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Attn: Tony Darling, CEO

Mr. Darling,

I am writing this letter as a thankful note of appreciation for the outstanding service you provided during the recent purchase of our Vault Pro Safe. Your conscientious concern and personal intervention throughout the ordering, building, and delivery process was clearly above and beyond any established business standard.

You and your staff, especially Misty Mack and Denise Arreola, provided professional and knowledgeable assistance through the process. This was a refreshing experience especially in this time of short-cuts, excuses for marginal service and profit above all else mentality we often see in the business world today.

Please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your extraordinary efforts to ensure the delivery of a perfect product despite setbacks, delivery issues and many other unforeseen problems.

I will highly recommend you and your products to my friends and family. You are a sterling example of how a business should be managed in a highly competitive and complex world-wide market.

Nick, at Nick of Time, and his crew should be commended for the courteous and professional delivery and set-up of our safe.

Dennis & Margaret Elliott

I purchased one of Vault Pro's safes and simply could not be more pleased. I did a substantial amount of research over many months. I called the Vault Pro office and spoke with Denise several times. She was always very patient in answering my many questions and she actually knew the answers. She kept me informed about my safe's progress throughout. What is more, after my safe arrived I realized that I needed some modifications to the interior shelving to better fit some items that I was storing. I spoke with the owner, Tony, and he had a new shelf to me in no time at no charge. I then had a small issue that also required Tony's expertise. I left a message at the Vault Pro office and received a return call in less than 20 minutes. The issue was resolved that same day. The safe is beautifully made. The customer service is absolutely top notch. You will be doing yourself a favor by considering Vault Pro.

Charles P.
Manchester, NH

Vault Door installation in homeInstallation is a Breeze

“We were going to have a moving company take it down the stairs but we decided to do it ourselves, only 3 of us LOL! Unloaded and installed in one hour! Installation was a breeze. Y’all definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for everything!”

J. R.
Billings, MT

Vault door being prepared for shipping"Best Safe and Vault company ever! … Best customer service ever!! … Great product! Customized the door just like I wanted… Best value!"

"After a long search for a quality vault door I came across VAULT PRO. I called and spoke with Denise for several minutes. Denise answered all my questions and some that I had not thought of. She was as friendly as if I had known her all my life… I ordered the TITAN SERIES Vault Door and IT's A BEAST!! I knew that I wanted certain upgrades and Denise was able to explain everything and help me with those decisions. EVERYTHING that I wanted on/in my vault door (Vault Pro) made it happen!!!"

L. J.

"These guys are the best out there. Really high quality safes, lots of attention to detail. If you were shopping for a safe for months like me and going crazy with research go talk to the owner Tony. You'll see really quick that there safes are top of the line. And they make them right in Santa Fe Springs, you can go in the factory and see exactly how everything goes together. Where else can you do that? For me that was the most important aspect because most safes how do you really know exactly how there building then once there built? I was extremely satisfied with my safe."

Curtis B.
Temecula, CA

"Great People!!!! Thanks Tony and Denise for all of your help before during and after our purchase!!! (Guess my husband can't get enough of you guys smile emoticon ) You guys Rock!!!! Highly recommend this company!!!!!!"

Hannibal, MO

I've researched a lot of safes before purchasing from vault pro. All the big names, Liberty, Fort Knox, Amsec, Browning, etc. Let me tell you that you are getting what you pay for here at Vault Pro. Quality American made safe which you can feel/see with excellent customer service to boot.

Alan L.
Clovis, CA

I recently purchased a Huntsman II. The sales department was excellent. I really felt like a friend vs a customer. Regular communication happened throughout the build process including pictures as promised. The safe was delivered on time and exactly as described. I sent off a diagram for my custom interior and it was done perfectly. Shipping was excellent. The safe was packed perfectly and good thing because other freight clearly knocked into it during transport but it came out with no dents due to the great packing job. I can't speak highly enough about this safe. It is rock solid. You can literally barely if at all get a credit card in any of the gaps around the door and even if you did with its dual step down design it isn't going anywhere. Again finish is amazing an everything is perfect. I honestly can't remember the last time someone delivered a defect free exactly as described product so this was a refreshing experience. The guy who built it clearly cares about quality and craftsmanship. I would highly highly recommend them to anyone as you get superb quality and features over some of the cheap Chinese in-store brands that charge the same price. American made for the win!

Charlotte, NC

I just received my Vault Pro Huntsman safe. I'm extreemly (sic) pleased with the customer service I received and the quality of workmanship of Vault Pro. Like excellent firearms, you get what you pay for. My other safe is from one of the leading safe makers in America and it's about 20 years old. The Vault Pro is superior in all aspects. If you want a safe that gives you piece of mind this is it.

Ed N.
Susanville, CA

I live in Fort Worth, Texas and have been shopping for a large gun safe for 2 years and found Vault Pro on line. Denise guided me through the purchase of a 50x72 Titan gun safe to match the interior of our home. I am elated with my safe and the service and quality is outstanding. Denise also secured for me a "white glove" delivery to my home and their service was just like Vault Pro, outstanding! My safe is totally made in the United States by real professionals. If you call Denise about the BEST safe made, your worries are over. I have told all my hunting buddies in Texas about Vault Pro and Denise!

Gary C.
Fort Worth, TX

Vault Pro just completed my custom designed safe. They worked one on one with me to build exactly what I wanted. Excellent workmanship! Excellent sales staff! Totally satisfied!

Sam W.
Finchville, KY

If you want a gun safe or a safe to store your "collectables" please seriously consider VAULT PRO USA! We just received our safe and we are more than satisfied!

Glenn, C.
Washington, MO

I purchased a vault door from vaultpro usa and was very impressed with the product and service after the sale. The door is very heavy duty and yet swings effortlessly on the hinges. I had some difficulty at first with the bolt mechanism, however, Tony and Denise were very helpful in assisting me to get things straightened out. They are appropriately proud of their product and I would recommend them to anyone without reservation.

Bob S.
Green Bay, WI

The customer service with this place is worth waiting twice as long. They even threw in a free dehumidifier because of the wait which was awesome. I received the safe and the delivery company put it in my garage. Everyday is like Christmas when I go into the den where my safe is. I have never been more content with a large purchase that I have made.

Zach, A.
Corpus Christi, TX

Vault Pro USA definitely knows how to build safes, and the customer service is excellent. I purchased the Marksman safe and it is totally awesome!!!! The quality of this safe you won't be able to find anywhere else for the price. The finish is excellent! The easy adjustable shelves make is easy to change around the setup and make many different ways to place items the way you want them. These safes are very heavy and the customizing you can get is cool too. The pistol peg doors are totally worth getting it maximizes the number of guns and makes if very easy to get to them without bumping them into other objects in the safe. I definitely recommend this safe, I plan to get another one in the near future. Thanks Vault Pro USA

David, M.
Oneonta, AL

VALUE! These people earned our business, the product sold us. The value of this safe to our family will still be there 100 years from now.

John, C.
Moses Lake, WA

Vault Pro USA...You folks are the bomb! Safe was a monster and I would not hesitate to buy from you again, it took some time to get to Hawaii, but everything went fine.

Zane, M
Kapaa, HI

I couldn't ask for a better door for the price I looked all over the web for a door and by far they have the best prices out their. so if your looking for a vault door no need to search all over for cant go wrong with Vault pro USA Inc.

Frank, B.
Twentynine Palms, CA

I became interested in purchasing a safe several months ago and after researching several sources, I discovered Vault Pro USA. The staff was very friendly, patient and helpful through the process. I appreciate that they only sell products 'Made in USA'! I requested special shipping instructions and a modification to the unit and Vault Pro complied without question and at no extra charge!

Thank you, Vault Pro from a satisfied customer.

James, S
Basehor, KS

I bought a safe from Vault Pro USA back in February. The safe is very solidly built, there is not enough space between the door and the frame to fit a fingernail in between much less a pry bar. The thickness of the steel in the body of the safe is substantial. The price of these safes is outstanding, if you go to any name brand safe manufacturer you will easily pay 3 times as much in price for the same quality safe. I am very pleased with the safe and the company.

Peter, B.
Wellsville, UT

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