Gun safes and gun vaults made in USA - American Eagle SeriesGun safes & vaults made in USA - Vault Pro USA

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20% Larger Safes!

All 750 Series Safes are now 31" depth for 11% more area. Our 760/762 Series Safes are now 33" depth, which gives you 20% more area at no additional cost!

Silver Eagle Series Safes

Gun safes and vaults made in USA - Silver Eagle Series10 Ga. Bent Body Construction
1 1/2 Hour Fire Protection

Enjoy the Peace of Mind You Deserve!

Superior Fire and Burglary Protection

Safe Sizes:
72" Tall by 30", 40", 50" or 60" Wide
60" Tall by 30" or 40" Wide
Standard safe depth is 28" (31" on 750 and 33" on 760/762) including handle

  • Vault Pro Safes are Proudly Made in Santa Fe Springs, California
  • Built to exceed UL Residential Security Container Specifications
  • Built to exceed Department of Justice standards

Hand Fit 2” Double Step System Safe Door & Frame

  • 5-1/2” Total Door Thickness
  • Gap between safe door & frame is only 1/16”
  • Dual Palusol® Gasket (Double Seals Door in Fire)

Active Bolt Safe Locking System

  • U.L. Listed, American Made Group II Locks
  • 4" x 1-1/2” Locking Bolts
  • 3-Way Active Bolt Locking System
  • 360° Independently Rotating Bolts
  • Bolts lock behind a ¾” Protective Stepped Frame
  • 1/2" of Case Hardened (60+ Rockwell) Hard Plate
  • Titan Dual Re-locker (Brass Arm & Titan Re-Locker)
  • 14 to 18 Locking Bolts Total
    (14 on 60" models and 18 on 72" models.)

Superior Fire Protection

  • 90 minutes at 1650°
  • 2300° Ceramic Fire Blanket in Door
  • 3-layers of X-Rate fireboard in body

2 in 1 Convertible Interior

  • Plush American Made Rontex™ Interior
  • Convertible Shelving with Gun Racks

Silver Eagle Series Safe Colors

  • Textured: Black, White, Brown or Gray
  • Gloss Finishes Available

Lifetime Warranty

  • Break-in
  • Fire

Silver Eagle Series Safes Dimensions
10 Guage body thickness
H" x W" x D" Price safe door step system
Hand Fit 2” Double Step System
Door & Frame with 1 1/2" Locking Bolts

SE-762, 2" Step Double Door 72" x 60" x 33" $5,899
SE-760, 2" Step Door 72" x 60" x 33" $4,999
SE-750, 2" Step Door 72" x 50" x 31" $4,299
SE-740, 2" Step Door 72" x 40" x 28" $3,599
SE-640, 2" Step Door 60" x 40" x 28" $2,999
SE-730, 2" Step Door 72" x 30" x 28" $2,899
SE-630, 2" Step Door 60" x 30" x 28" $2,699


Silver Eagle Series Safes

How do you choose the proper safe? Protecting your valuable gun collection is but one of the considerations that should be made when choosing a safe. Important questions to ask include; how many and what type of guns do you own? Long guns take up a considerable amount of space and you don't want them all crammed together, which might cause damage to your valuable gun collection. Do you anticipate adding to your gun collection? Most of us do. How much space do you have for a safe? Vault Pro makes safes up to 72” tall, which have the same footprint as smaller safes, but can accommodate plenty of long guns, and provide much more vertical storage space for handguns and other valuables such as; jewelry, electronics, collectible art and important documents. As a rule of thumb one should choose a larger safe than needed at the moment. This allows for future expansion without the necessity of buying another safe In the future.

Gun safe door body cross section - Silver Eagle SeriesSilver Eagle Series safes provide high security and elegance with top-quality construction and amenities not found on lesser safes. Our safes start with a solid 10 gauge bent body construction with full length & continuous welded seams.

To protect against prying attacks and fire infiltration the Silver Eagle Series safe use a special step door system, which is hand fitted to a heavy duty matching design step system door frame. The door and frame interlock at five critical points with a very tight door to frame gap of only 1/16”. Compare to flimsy foreign made safe doors that rattle when you push on them. 2300°F Ceramic Fire Blanket, three layers of 1700° X-Rate Fire Board and dual Palusol® heat sealing gaskets provide additional layers of protection from fire infiltration.

A 3-way active bolt locking system consisting of 4” x 1 1/2” independently rotating locking bolts securely seal the door. A U.L. listed American made lock is protected by 1/2" of case hardened (60+ Rockwell) hard plate. Dual Titan relockers are standard and provide additional drill out protection. This is one tough safe and built for a lifetime of use.

Very large gun safe interiors
Silver Eagle Series
72" x 60" x 33"
Gun safes & vaults made in USA - Vault Pro USA

large gun safe 50 inch gun safe
Silver Eagle Series
72" x 50" x 31"

medium size gun safe in black finish
Click image to enlarge.
Silver Eagle Series
Model SE-740
72" x 40" x 28"
gun safe black finish
Click image to enlarge.
Silver Eagle Series
Model SE-640
60" x 40" x 28"

Large gun safe interior
Silver Eagle model 760
72" x 60" x 33"

Small to medium size fire resistant gun safes
Silver Eagle model 730
72" x 30" x 28"


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