Handgun Pro Safe with Digital Lock

American Made Handgun Safes

Handgun safes made in USA

In keeping with Vault Pro’s tradition and history of the highest quality all American made secure firearm storage – Vault Pro is proud to introduce the Handgun Pro Box Handgun Safe.

Thanks to Vault Pro, this super tough handgun vault gives you the ability to fully protect your firearms in the strength and reliability of a safe in a secure heavy duty Handgun Pro Box.

Vault Pro’s Hand Gun Pro Safes are designed protect your weapons from the harshest travel conditions and abuse using a minimum of 10 gauge steel, Military Grade PE Foam and accessible by digital lock day or night.

Handgun Pro Box Handgun Vault also provides bolt down capability…bolt your Handgun Pro Safe near a bed, in a closet or in your vehicle.

American Made Handgun Safes and lock boxes

Handgun Pro Safe Features:

  • American Made Handgun Safe
  • 10, 7 (3/16") or 3 (1/4") Gauge Steel Body
  • S&G D-Drive Digital Lock
  • Military Grade PE Foam Insert
  • Holds 2 Handguns Plus - Magazines and Ammunition
  • Bolt Down Capability

All American Made Handgun Pro Box
American Made Sargent & Greenleaf "D-Drive" Digital Lock (E.M.P. resistant to 50,000 kva)
Lighted keypad for fast and accurate accessibility day or night.
Holds 2 Handguns & Accessories

Dimensions 6.5" box height (7 3/4" including digital lock) x 9" width x 13" length

Model HS-10: 10 Gauge Handgun Safe - weighs 22 lbs. Price: $349
Model HS-7: 7 (3/16") Gauge Handgun Safe - weighs 29 lbs. Price: $399
Model HS-4: 3 (1/4") Gauge Handgun Safe - weighs 36 lbs. Price: $449

Handgun Box Pro handgun safe with guns
Holds Two Guns and Accessories

Handgun Safe made in USA
American Made Sargent & Greenleaf "D-Drive" Digital Lock
(E.M.P. resistant to 50,000 kva)

Handgun Pro Box Handgun Safes with digital lock


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Gun safes & vaults made in USA - Vault Pro USA 


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