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Vault Pro USA Gun Safes, Vault Doors and Modular Shelters
Proudly Made in America

Vault Pro offers a large selection of options and accessories to customize your gun safe, vault door, storm shelter or safe room. We can customize your security product or build you a complete custom configured model. Below are some of our most popular options and accessories. Please call to talk with one of our Vault Pro's about you specific requirements.

Shelter optionsClick here for Modular Shelter Options

Steel Inner Liners for SafesSteel Equals Security

Safes, Vault Doors & Walk-in Vaults all rely on steel for structure as well as for protection. The rule is “Steel = Security”. The more steel you have between a malicious intruder or natural disaster and your valuables…the more secure the valuables.

Safe body thickness guideSafe Body Steel Thickness Guide

Instead of flimsy easy to pry 12 gauge walls used in other safes, Vault Pro standard wall thickness is a solid 10 gauge high quality steel. Our Golden Eagle and American Eagle series offer even thicker steel depending on your requirements.

silver eagle series safes
10 Gauge (1/8") steel thickness standard on Silver Eagle Safes

golden eagle series safes
7 Gauge (3/16") steel thickness standard on Golden Eagle Safes

American eagle series safes
3 Gauge (1/4") steel thickness standard on American Eagle Safes

Body Upgrades

Available on custom safes. Call for more information.

Optional Gun Safe Inside Steel Liners
Safe body inner steel liner and multi liner
Inner steel safe liner
Vault Pro offers several different thicknesses and layers of steel, both inside and outside of your vault to protect your valuables and in some cases…yourself. Don’t be fooled by thin-skinned vaults with no guts when Vault Pro puts steel where you need it most.

Model 10ga. (1/8”) 7ga. (3/16”) 3ga. (1/4”) Optional gun safe inside steel liner
630 $563 $688 $813
730 $625 $750 $875
640 $688 $875 $1063
740 $750 $1000 $1250
750 $938 $1250 $1563
760 $1063 $1563 $2063
762 $1094 $1625 $2125

Optional 304 Stainless Steel Safe Liners

Inner steel safe liner

Vault Pro uses 304 Stainless Steel, also known as 18/8 for its composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Corrosion resistant and self-healing in oxygen, 304 Stainless Steel rapidly dissipates heat and when used properly and in proper quantity is impervious to torch cutting, providing superior security and protection where torch cutting may occur.

Model 10ga. (1/8”) 7ga. (3/16”) 3ga. (1/4”) Stainless Steel inner liner for safes
630 $1531 $2321 $2940
730 $2234 $3386 $4663
640 $1915 $2903 $3675
740 $2554 $3870 $4900
750 $2554 $5805 $7350
760 $5108 $5805 $7350
762 $5108 $5805 $7350

Optional AR-500 Ballistic Steel Liner

AR-500 Ballistic Steel LinerAR-500 Ballistic Steel Liner Sheet
Do you want the best ballistic resistance available on the market today? AR500 is not surface hardened…it is quenched, tempered & through hardened. AR500 is premium grade steel used where extreme abrasion, wear and impact are immanent.

Add a layer of AR-500 plate steel inside your Vault Pro Safe, Vault Door or Walk-in Vault and “Rest Assured…Vault Pro has you covered!”

Call for pricing: 800-299-6929

Locking Options
All locks are U.L. Listed Group 1 & Group 2 Locks

Vault Pro uses only Sargent & Greenleaf Locks because they are the very best American Made, U.L. Listed Group 1 and Group 2 Locks. If there were better locks available…we would have them.

Standard Dial & Spy-Proof Dial Locks

All of Vault Pro’s Safes & Vault Doors come standard with an American Made Group 2 S&G rotating dial lock. Sargent & Greenleaf is the standard all other rotating dial locks are judged by, no other comes close. If you want absolute certainty that your lock will last a lifetime this is your lock.

rotary combo safe lockoptions for safesgun safe vault door optionsSargent & Greenleaf Spy-Proof Lock
U.L. Listed Group II Lock
Black Platinum, Brushed Nickel & Gold: Standard on all safes and vault doors.
* Add $20.00 for locking dial

Digital Locks

Sargent & Greenleaf Digital LockFor the fastest most efficient and reliable entry into your safe or vault, Sargent & Greenleaf Digital Locks are simply the best American Made Group 2 Digital Locks available. Digital Locks allow both a manager and user access and combinations can be changed on a whim. Ask one of our Vault Pro’s for details.

Sargent & Greenleaf Digital Lock

Reliable, secure motor actuated locking mechanism.

Lock bolt is retracted and extended by the movement of the safe's boltwork.
One million codes to choose from.

Silver: $199.95

Sargent & Greenleaf Spartan High-Security Digital Lock (E.M.P. resistant to 50,000 Volts/Meter)
Black Platinum, Silver or Gold: $199.95

Sergeant & Greenleaf EMP Resistant locks

Dual Locking System - Spy Lock and Digital
Dual Locking System - Spy Lock and Digital
Multi Relocking System

Dual Locking Systems have two separate locks, and both must be unlocked independently of one another, providing an added level of security.

Dual locking systems can be dual rotary mechanical dials, electronic digital keypad and rotary or biometric and rotary dial.

Vault Pro adds multiple re-lockers for each lock on a Dual Locking System essentially doubling the number of re-lockers in the system.

Silver or Gold finish: $499.95

safe bolt detent system protects against damageSafe Bolt Detent System

Vault Pro's proprietary locking bolt detent system prevents the safe locking bolts from extending when the safe door is open. Closing your safe door with the bolts extended is a sure way to cause permanent damage to your vault mechanism and finish. Call for more information about adding this feature to your safe.


Standard Texture and Gloss Colors: Black, Brown, White, Grey, Green, Burgundy

Gun safes and vault doors standard colors available.
For Gloss Finish Add:
60” x 25”: $300
60” x 30”: $325
60” x 40”: $350
72” x 30”: $350
72” x 40”: $400
72” x 50”: $450
72” x 60”: $500

Premium Colors, Two Tone and Custom Finishes Available
Call one of our Vault Pro's for details and price. Tom Kelly Hand Pin-Striping & Personalization.
Call for details: 800-299-6929

Tom Kelly Hand the Crazy Painter Custom pin striping
Tom Kelly Hand Pin-striping/Personalization.

Tom Kelly custom art and pin stripe gallery. Click on images to enlarge.
Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe Custom safe art pinstripe


5-Prong Handles
gold finish spindle wheelchrome safe spindle wheelBlack chrome spindle wheel for safes, vault doors
Solid stainless and brass 5-prong bankers wheel
Brass Plated, Chrome, or Black Chrome: $99.95 5-Prong Polished Solid Brass: $380.00
5-Prong Polished Solid Stainless Steel: $320.00

L-Shaped Handle

(L-Handle, Standard on Warrior Safe)

L-Shaped Safe Handle

Low Profile L-handle can be used on any of our safes or vault doors if requested at time or order: No Charge

Stainless Steel Pull Handle
for Safes & Vault Doors

Pull handle for safes and vault doors - stainless steel
Stainless Steel Pull Handle
makes opening your safe or vault door easier.

Vault Pro Custom Door Backings

Make getting at your long guns and hand guns easier with Vault Pro's custom door backings. These aren't cheap Velcro holsters and this isn't a vacuum formed plastic door backing...Vault Pro includes a plush carpeted 18 gauge layer of steel customized to your needs. Pistol Pro Pegs are welded and rubber coated for a lifetime of use and can be customized to fit your collection. Our Long Gun Pro Door Backing not only adds another layer of steel to your can accommodate up to *12 long guns (8 with large or over-sized scopes). Shelving and rack can be custom hardwoods or carpeted to match the interior of your safe. Call one of our vault pro's for details.

Custom configured gun racks for storing your long guns with scopes attached.

Pistol Pegs securely hold your handguns.
Pistol Pegs for gun safes 
Call to talk with one of our custom door consultants.
Safe or Vault Door Interior Gun Rack

Pistol Pro and Long Gun Pro Door Back Pricing

Pistol Pro Pegs are welded and rubber coated for a lifetime of use and can be customized to fit your collection.
Long Gun Pro Door Backing adds another layer of steel to your door and can accommodate up to *12 guns.

*Pistol Pro and Long Gun Pro capacity varies depending on size of guns. Customizable to your guns.
Call for details.

Vault Pro Hidden Floor Compartment

hidden compartment in floor of safeHidden safe compartment with valuables
Hidden floor compartment. Keep your most important valuables from prying eyes.
Compartment can be made lockable.

With Vault Pro's Hidden Floor option, your secrets are safe. Even with the safe wide open, no one will know the entirety of its contents because it becomes virtually invisible and appears as part of the hard interior (see for yourself). Hidden floors can also include a keyed lock for an extra added level of security.

Up to 12" wide: $250 per section
* With locking ability: $275.00

CALL FOR DETAILS: 800-299-6929

Power & Lighting
Electrical outlet for safes and shelters
Electrical Power

Electrical outlets at the top & bottom inside your safe allow you to plug in a dehumidifier, lighting system, watch winder, back up hard-drive or any other electrical amenities requiring power inside your safe. Vault Pro uses only steel electrical boxes, high line double gang outlets and stainless steel cover plates for a rich and durable look that will last a lifetime.

Floor Outlet: $79.00
Upper & Lower Outlets: $150.00

American Made L.E.D. Lighting Package
LED Interior safe lighting and electrical
American made LED lightingDon’t be left in the dark…Vault Pro’s Automatic L.E.D. Lighting System automatically lights up the interior of your safe when you open the door. L.E.D. Lighting Systems are low energy, all American Made and are made to last a lifetime.

L.E.D. Lighting custom fit for each model. Call for details.

Eagle Series Safes:

American made dehumidifier rods for safesDehumidifiers

American Made dehumidifiers for safes and safe rooms.

Golden Rod 12" Dehumidifier: $39.95
Golden Rod 18" Dehumidifier: $49.95

Safe in Safe Option - Vault Pro USA
Safe in Safe

Safe in Safe built to match the thickness of the safes steel body including sealed piano hinged door, 1/4" 60+ Rockwell Hard-plate, S&G Standard Rotary Combination Lock and complete liner: $399.00

(Standard size is 12" height x 12" width x 12" depth)

Custom sized Safe in Safe option available.
Ask representative for pricing.

2300 Degree Ceramic Fireproofing for SafesCeramic 2300° Fireproofing

From Space Shuttle tiles & kilns to kitchen counters, ceramic’s have been used in the most extreme fire, heat and thermal conditions.

If you have sensitive electronics, documents, film, etc. and are concerned about the contents of your safe surviving a fire, you need Vault Pro’s Ceramic Fireproofing.

Vault Pro offers 1880° protection for up to 2 hours using 2300° F Ceramic Fiber Blanket in conjunction with multiple layers of X-Rate Fire board & our Step System Doors that seal against dual Palusol® Gaskets on multiple levels nothing else comes close. 2300° F Ceramic Fiber Blanket comes standard in all Vault Pro American Eagle Series safes.

See 2300 Degree Ceramic Fireproofing in Action. Click on image for video.

Fire Safety Video fireproofing materials

2300° Ceramic Option:

Warrior: $229

Eagle Series Safes:
630: $299
640: $349
730: $349
740: $399
750: $449
760 & 762: $499

Vault Pro Vault Door Installation Kits

Designed for heavy duty concrete use. Each kit contains wedge anchors, masonry drill bit and instructions. Wedge Anchors are designed to fit Vault Pro Vault Door Frames, but are also suitable for any installation requiring 1/2" diameter anchor bolts. Available in standard masonry drill and Hammer drill bit versions.

Vault Door Anchor Kit with Standard Masonry Drill Bit and 10ea. 1/2" x 4-1/4" Wedge Anchors: $39.50

Vault Door Anchor Kit with Hammer Masonry Drill Bit and 10ea. 1/2" x 4-1/4" Wedge Anchors: $43.50

Six inch wedge anchor kits also available. Please call for more information. 800-299-6929

Click images to enlarge.
Vault Door Wedge Anchor Kit with Drill Bit Vault Door Wedge Anchor Kit with Drill Bit Vault Door Wedge Anchor Kit with Drill Bit Vault Door Wedge Anchor Kit with Drill Bit

Storm Shelter Safe Room Options

Escape Hatches
Pro Emergency Escape Hatch
If something should block your main door or primary exit while you are inside a safe room/storm shelter, a secondary means of egress could be the difference between life and death. Vault Pro’s all American Made Pro Escape Hatches are built to match the security level and fire protection of your Vault Pro Shelter Door. Emergency Pro Escape Hatches can be either in or out-swing hinged and can even open vertically for egress at the top of a ladder. Vault Pro’s Emergency Escape Hatches are made to open from the inside only but can be configured to open from the outside as well. Ask one of our Vault Pro’s for details.

For additional information click this link.

Executive Pro Hatch:
1/4" Front Plate, 1" Composite Steel Door, Palusol® gasket, 65 min. fireproofing, 8-bolt locking system, internal release.
Depth can be up to 10": $1499

In-swing Hinged: $1699

Elite Pro Hatch:
1/4" Front Plate, 2" Step System Door, dual Palusol® gaskets, 120 min. fireproofing, 8-bolt locking system, internal release.
Depth can be up to 10": $1599

In-swing Hinged: $1799

Atlas Pro Hatch:
1/2" Front Plate, 2" Step System Door, dual Palusol® gaskets, 120 min. fireproofing, 8-bolt locking system, internal release.
Depth can be up to 10": $1999

In-swing Hinged: $2249


Gas Shock Assisted Vertical Opening Floor Hatches
Gas Shock Assisted Vertical Opening Hatches
Executive Pro Vertical Hatch:
1" Composite Steel Door, Palusol® gasket, 65 min. fire, 8-bolt locking system, internal release. Depth can be up to 10": $2099

Elite Pro Vertical Hatch:
2" Step System Door, dual Palusol® gaskets, 120 min. fire, 8-bolt locking system, internal release. Depth can be up to 10": $2199


Vault Pro Shelter Options

*Available only on Vault Pro Shelters


1ea. Custom Stainless Steel Adorned Fluorescent 4’ Light Fixture (4 T-8 bulbs), Switch, Double Gang Outlet, conduit, boxes, wiring & stainless steel cover plates; $350.00

Each additional Custom Stainless Steel Adorned Light Fixture including conduit, box, wiring: $179.00

L.E.D. Emergency Lighting

Don’t be left in the dark. Vault Pro’s Emergency L.E.D. lights turn on automatically when power is lost (includes Emergency L.E.D. lights, conduit, box & wiring. Must have basic lighting to include): $129.88

Electrical Outlets

Each Double Gang Outlet (includes conduit, box, wiring & stainless steel cover plate): $79.00


Each pair of Vault Pro’s basic vents includes 3/8” vertical bars and screen mesh to stop anyone from reaching in while allowing ample air flow: $99.00

Bench Seat with Under Bench Storage

At 6’ long and 18” in height, you can store all of your emergency food, water, radio, flashlights, first aid kit and other essential supplies beneath Vault Pro’s cushioned Bench Seat with ease while seating at least three adults comfortably: $350.00

Gun Racks & Shelving (pistol storage)

Long gun storage is made easy with Vault Pro’s standing long gun racks & shelving. Each plush carpeted 48” wide combination gun rack & shelving section can accommodate at least 40 long guns and have one fully adjustable shelf and fixed top shelf for ample additional storage (hand guns, ammunition, eyes and ears, cleaning kits, etc…): $400.00

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTE - 800-299-6929

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